Saturday, November 1, 2014



Welcome to the Official webpage of the 10th Annual Convention of The Indian Railways Fan Club.

It was in February 2014 in the hill station of Ooty where UAM 2014 was held, that the gangmen from Hyderabad bid to host a convention at their home turf. Yes, it was long overdue; but the local situation was far from ideal to host railfans from across the nation.

And so, in the city formed 400 odd years ago to celebrate the love of a nawab and a commoner, we welcome railfans from across the nation to assemble here to celebrate their love for the railways, aptly on the Valentine's day. Mark your calendars/diaries/apps for the 14th & 15th February, 2015 and get yourself on board the #AaoHYB express.

Do explore this website for more details on the convention, the venue, sessions and ways to register.

So, #AaoHYB !